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Top 5 Best Free Forex Signals Telegram Channels to Join in 2024

best forex signals telegram channels

Among thousands of Forex signals channels on Telegram, I found 5 groups that you should become a member of.

Discover 5 best free forex signals telegram channels to join in 2024 and increase your trading gains.

1. VasilyTrader Free Forex Signals Telegram Channel

best free forex telegram channel
VasilyTrader Telegram Channel

VasilyTrader Telegram Channel shares 3+ free daily signals with 80%+ winning rate.

The author shares the analysis for:

Forex, Oil, Indexes, Gold, Silver.

VasilyTrader Channel is trusted by 20000+ members from different parts of the world. The group has excellent reviews.

The author of the telegram channel is a full-time forex trader with 10+ years of trading experience and Top 1 author on TradingView.

The main focus of the channel is free daily forex signals that are shared during the entire day, covering London and New York sessions.

best free forex signals group on telegram
Trading signals and education in VasilyTrader channel

The author also provides key levels analysis, fundamental news alerts and updates for the trades.

VasilyTrader applies multiple time frames analysis strategy based on price action patterns, candlestick patterns, support and resistance levels.

The member of the channel get very accurate daily trading signals, access to free live trading sessions, educational articles and videos, teaching various profitable trading strategies and techniques for beginners.

best forex telegram channel
Live streams and technical analysis in VasilyTrader Telegram channel

The channel is active for more than 6 years and marked as one of the best trading channels on Telegram.

VasilyTrader offers:

  • vip forex signals group with daily trading signals that include entry, sl, target

  • trading academy where he teaches how to trade

  • trading book covering technical analysis and multiple time frame strategy

  • trading course explaining Vasily trading strategy

2. TopTradingSignals Telegram Channel

top 2 best forex channel on telegram
TopTradingSignals Telegram Channel

TopTradingSignals Telegram Channel provides 4+ daily forex and gold signals.

The author of the channel is ex-banker that applies Smart Money Concepts and fundamental analysis in making trading decisions.

TopTradingSignals channel has 20000+ of real members.

The main content of the channel is day-trading and swing trading forex signals. Members get detailed market analysis, covering fundamental and technical analysis perspectives.

best trading forex signals on telegram
TopTradingSignals reviews and free trades

The channel is operating for more than 5 years. 

It has excellent reviews on TradingView and many independent forex trading websites.

Last year the channel made the absolute record, making almost 2000 pips in one week with free signals.

free trading forex signals on telegram
TopTradingSignals results and updates

TopTradingSignals has a premium forex signals group with more than 1000 active members. Inside, members get exclusive daily forex signals with higher accuracy and better reward to risk ratio.

TopTradingSignals has a separate premium group for Gold signals with 2+ daily XAUUSD signals.

Vip members can also get the exclusive access to a copy trading program.

Traders with bigger account sizes may also benefit from a money management program.

3. AnabelSignals Telegram Channel

top 3 best free forex telegram channel
AnabelSignals Telegram Channel

AnabelSignals Telegram Channel is young but very popular free signals group. The author of the channel is a verified full-time female forex trader, living in Dubai.

The channel has 7000+ of real members.

Anabel shares free daily forex, gold and indexes signals with stop loss and target. 

Her trading strategy combines price action analysis and technical indicators: moving average, volume profile, relative strength index, super trend.

best free forex signals and forecasts on telegram
AnabelSignals free forex forecasts and signals

The main advantage of AnabelsSignals telegram channel is that any member can back test her signals' performance on TradingView.

Free signals with entry, stop loss and target also lets any member earn money to join VIP channel.

Anabel shares her luxury lifestyle of a full-time forex trader.

Fancy cars, top restaurants, fitness and much more.

Though the channel is operating for just 2 years, it has a huge fan base and excellent reviews on independent trading web-sites.

best telegram channel about forex trading
AnabelSignals luxury lifestyle

Her articles and forex signals are frequently market as best daily/monthly publications on TradingView.

AnabelSignals offers a premium signals group with exclusive intraday Forex, Gold and Indexes signals. She is currently developing an advanced copy trading program with verified track record and easy access.

4. ProSignalsFx Telegram Channel

top 4 best free channel on telegram
ProSignalsFx Telegram Channel

ProSignalsFx Telegram Channel has 11000+ real members.

The authors of the channel are the team of individual gold investors and full-time forex and gold traders, providing free signals for UK, NY and Asian sessions.

The headquarters of the channel is Dubai, UAE.

ProSignalsFX is operating for more than 5 years on Telegram and shares 4+ free daily forex and gold signals.

Trading signals are based on a combination of Smart Money Concept, ICT and price action analysis.

top 4 best forex signals group on telegram
ProSignalsFx free trading signals and updates

The founder of ProSignalsFx is Austrian mathematician and ex hedge fund trader and analyst. His goal is to build a team of experienced traders to make informed and low risk decisions with high potential reward.

Transparency and verified results are the main features of ProSignalsFX. The team provides detailed weekly reports with results of their free and premium signals. In 2024 the channel reported only 2 losing weeks.

ProSignalsFX became popular because of their accurate short term, mid term and long term forecasts and signals for Gold and Silver.

best forex and gold signals on telegram
ProSignalsFx Gold and Silver Signals

The team offers:

  • exclusive money management program for 10000$+ trading accounts

  • premium forex signals group with more than 700 real members

  • diversified and hedged copy trading program

5. UnitedSignals Telegram Channel

top 5 best free forex signals telegram channel
UnitedSignals Free Telegram Channel

UnitedSignals Telegram Channel is a trusted free group, run by the team of experienced fundamental and technical traders.

The headquarters of the channel is London, UK.

The channel has 10000+ real members.

Team shares free daily forex, gold, silver, oil, indexes signals.

free forex signals channel on telegram
UnitedSignals free forex and gold signals

UnitedSignals provides free day trading, swing trading and scalping signals with entry level, stop loss and target and in-depth explanation of their analysis.

A unique feature of UnitedSignals is tailored and comprehensive risk management strategy for every trading signal that they take.

They also share risk management recommendations with all their members.

The channel is active for more than 4 years and has great reviews on Telegram, TradingView and independent forex-related websites.

profitable forex signals telegram channel
UnitedSignals channel results

The telegram username of UnitedSignals channel @fxsignals was purchased on a telegram auction for 60000$.

UnitedSignals offers vip forex signals with daily day trading signals and money management program. The team always trades with one take profit and stop loss and never applies half closes.

These 5 free forex telegram channels provide accurate trading signals daily. Each group has its unique approach to market analysis and excellent, verified reviews.

Become a member of these groups today and increase your profits in trading with trusted free recommendations, forecasts and signals.



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