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Don't Miss My Next Trade Alert! 

Entries, Stop & Target Shared With All My Trading Signals.

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Trading Signals

Get exclusive trades with entry/stop/target.

Receive alerts everytime I take the trade.


Multiple Instruments

Get signals on gold/forex/oil/silver.

Trade various markets simultaniously.

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Low Risk & Steady Growth

Benefit from the strategy designed to produce consistent returns.

Average Monthly Return
Win Rate
Max Drawdown
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Best Trading Strategy

  • Multiple time frame analysis (daily/4h/1h)

  • Price action & structure analysis

  • Intraday trading strategy

  • Each trade is taken with a confirmation

  • Average reward to risk ratio is 1.4

  • 0 - 3 trades per day

  • +350 pips per week on average

  • Lot size is based on the desired risk %

  • Where do you send signals?
    I send signals in a private telegram group. You will get the invitation link to that after you complete the payment.
  • What do you trade?
    I trade Forex (major and minor pairs), Gold, Silver, Oil
  • When do you send signals?
    I am trading from 6 am London time until 10 am New York time
  • How many signals will I received daily?
    The market does not give guarantees. On average I open 5 trades weekly because I have very specific rules for entering the trades Sometimes I trade more, sometimes I trade less. Everything depends on the market.
  • What is a format of your signals?
    Here is the example of a signal: EURNZD Short From 1.8067 Take Profit: 1.80207 Stop loss: 1.81003 Short/Long From - Point where I entered the trade Take Profit: Point where we close the trade in profit Stop Loss: Point where we close the trade in loss
  • Do you apply pending orders or spot entries?
    You will receive ONLY spot entry signals. I post the signal in a group only after I opened a trade.
  • How many TP do you use?
    I share trades with 1 SINGLE target.
  • How long do you hold your trades?
    Some trades are quick and will be closed within the day. Some trades we hold 1-2 days.
  • What is the minimum deposit requirement?
    I would recommend starting with at least 1.000$ account.
  • Do you have account statistics?
    I keep record of my trades since I started a signal service. You can reach it following this link: Link 2022 Full Trading Report is available here: Link
  • What profit can I expect monthly?
    My average monthly return is 5%. You will get 1400+ pips.
  • What is your maximum drawdown?
    15% account drawdown is maximum. Average is 5%.
  • I want to ask something else!
    If you want to ask something else, please, submit a contact form: Or text me on Telegram or Instagram: @VasilyTrader
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