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IMPROVE YOUR TRADING | Simple Flowchart For You to Follow 🧭📍

Updated: Feb 3, 2022

A short ⚠️disclaimer before we start:

the rules that will be discussed in this post are applicable only for technicians - traders that are relying on price action/structure/etc.

Also, we assume that structure levels do work and for us, key levels are considered to be the safest trading zones/points.

In order to increase the accuracy of your predictions analyzing different financial markets, you must learn to identify the direction of the market.📈

The identification of the market trend must be based on strict & reliable & testable rules.

It can be based on technical indicators or price action

Personally, I prefer to rely on price action.

Here are a couple of examples of how I identify the market trend:

There are three main types of market trends:

Bullish Trend

Bearish Trend

Sideways Market

Depending on the current direction of the market, on the chart, I drew a flow chart✔️ that will help you to act safely.

➡️Sideways market signifies consolidation & indecision. Usually being in such a state the market tends to coil in horizontal ranges.

To trade such a market safely, the best option for you will be to wait for a breakout of the range & wait for the initiation of the trend.

➡️Once you spotted a bullish market, do not rush to buy.

Your task will be to identify the closest strong structure support .

You must be patient enough to let the price reach that support first (and by the way, there is no guarantee that it will happen) and then you must wait for a certain confirmation.

Please, check the article about different types of confirmations:

Only once you get the needed confirmation you can buy the market.

➡️The same strategy will be applicable to a bearish market.

Spotting a short rally it is way early to just sell the asset from a random point.

You must find the closest strong structure resistance and wait for the moment when the price will approach that.

Then your task will be to wait for a confirmation and only when you got the reliable trigger you short the market.

🦉Try to rely on this flow chart and I promise you that you will see a dramatic increase in your trading performance.

And even though it may appear to you that this flow chart is TOO SIMPLE, in practice, even such a set of rules requires iron discipline and patience.

Thank you so much for reading this article,

I hope you enjoy it!


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