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9 Essential TIPS For Newbie Traders (Learn from my Mistakes!)

In the today's article, I will reveal trading secrets I wish I knew when I started trading.

1️⃣ Forget about becoming a pro quickly

Most of the traders believe, that you can learn how to trade easily and that it takes a very short period of time in order to master a profitable trading strategy.

The truth is, however, that trading is a long journey.

I spent more than 3 years, trying different strategies and looking for a profitable technique to trade. Once I found that, it took more than a year to polish a trading strategy and to learn how to apply that properly.

Be prepared to spend YEARS before you find a way to trade profitably.

2️⃣ Focus on One Strategy

While you are learning how to trade you will try different techniques, tools and strategies. And the thing is that newbies are trying multiple things simultaneously. The more strategies you try at once, the more setups you have on your chart. The more setups you have on your chart, the more complex and difficult is your trading.

Remember that in this game, your attention is the key.

You should meticulously study each and every trading setup.

For that reason, I highly recommend you to focus on one strategy, one approach, one technique. Test it, try it and look for a new one only when you realize that it doesn't work.

Here is the example how the same price chart can provide absolutely different trading opportunities depending on a trading strategy.

Price action pattern trader would recognize a lot of a patterns, while indicator based trader could spot absolutely different bullish and bearish signals.

Now, try to imagine how hard it would be to follow both strategies simultaneously.

3️⃣ Start with small capital that you can afford to lose

You will lose your first trading deposit and, probably, the second one and potentially the third one as well.

Losses are the only way to learn real trading. While you are on a demo account, you feel like a king, but once you start risking your savings, the perspective completely changes.

For that reason, make sure that you trade with an account that you can afford to lose. The fact of blowing such an account should be unpleasant, but that should not affect your daily life.

4️⃣ Use stop loss

I am doing trading coaching for more than 4 years.

What pisses me off is that the main reason of the substantial losses of my mentees is the absence of stop loss. Why can it be if naturally everyone: from your broker to Instagram trading gurus repeat that day after day.

Set stop loss, know in advance how much you risk per trade, and know the exact level on a price chart where you become wrong.

Imagine what could be your loss, if you shorted USDJPY and hold the trade while the market kept going against you.

5️⃣ Forget about getting rich quick

That is the iconic fallacy. I believe that around 90% of people who come in this game want to get rich quick, want easy money.

And no surprise, when I share a trading setup in my free telegram channel, and it loses I receive dozens of messages that I am a scammer.

People truly believe that professional trading implies 100% win rate and quick and easy money.

The truth is, traders, that trading is a very tough game. And with a good trading strategy, you have just a little statistical edge that will give you the profits that would slightly overcome your losses.

6️⃣ Train your eyes

Professional trading implies pattern recognition: it can be some technical indicators pattern, the price action or candlestick formation, etc.

Your main goal as a trader is to learn to identify these patterns.

Pattern recognition is a hard skill to acquire.

You should spend dozens of hours in front of the screen in order to train your eyes to identify certain patterns.

Here is how many patterns you would spot on GBPUSD chart, paying close attention.

7️⃣ Track and analyze your trades

Study all the trades that you take, especially the losing ones.

Look for mistakes, look for the reasons why a certain setup played out and why a certain one didn't. Journal your trades and make notes.

8️⃣ Don't use technical indicators

Newbies believe that technical indicators should do the work for them.

They are constantly looking for one or a bunch that will accurately show where the market will go.

However, I always say to my mentees that technical indicators make the chart messy and distract.

If you just started trading, focus on a naked chart, learn to analyze the market trend, key levels, classic price action patterns.

Learn to make accurate predictions relying on a price chart alone.

Only then add some technical indicators on your chart.

They won't do the work for you, but will help you to slightly increase the accuracy of a certain setup.

Above is the classic chart of a newbie trader.

A lot of indicators and a complete mess

The same chart would look much better without technical indicators.

9️⃣ Find a Mentor

There are hundreds of trading mentors on Instagram, YouTube, TradingView. Find the one with a trading style that you like.

Follow him, learn from his trading experience, listen to his trading recommendations.

9 years ago I found a guy on YouTube, his name was Jason.

I really liked his free teachings, and they were meaningful to me.

I decided to purchase his premium coaching program.

It was 200$ monthly - a huge amount of money for me at that time.

However, with his knowledge I saved a lot, I learned a lot of profitable techniques and tricks that helped me to become a professional forex trader.

Of course, this list could be much bigger.

The more I think about different subjects in trading, the more important tips come to my mind. However, I believe that the tips above

are essential and I truly wish I knew all that before I started.

I hope that info will help you in your trading journey!

Good luck to you.


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