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Updated: Feb 3, 2022

Hey traders,

Technical indicators are an essential part of technical analysis .

With multiple different indicators on a chart, the trader aims to spot oversold/overbought conditions of the market and make a profit on that.

Though, I don't consider myself to be an expert in indicators trading, here are the great tips that will help you dramatically improve your trading with them.

#1️⃣ Do not overload your chart with indicators.

There is a fallacy among so many traders:

more indicators on the chart lead to an increase in trading performance.

Following this statement, traders add dozens of technical indicators to their charts.

The chart becomes not readable and messy.

The trader gets lost and makes wrong trading decisions.

Instead, add 1-2 indicators to your chart. That will be enough for you to make correct judgments. Do not overload your chart and try to make it clean: your task is to analyze the price action first and only then look for additional clues reading the indicators.

#2️⃣ Learn what exactly the indicator shows

The data derived from technical indicator must make sense to you.

You must understand the logic behind its algorithm.

You must know exactly what it shows to you.

Confidence in your actions plays a key role in trading.

During the periods of losing streaks and drawdowns, many traders drop their trading strategies. It happens because they lose their confidence.

You will be able to overcome negative trading periods only by being confident in your actions.

Only knowing exactly what you do, what do you rely on and why you can proceed even in dark times.

#3️⃣ Use the indicators that compliment each other

Many indicators are based on the same algorithms.

Most of the time the only difference between them is a minor change in its input variables.

For that reason, such indicators leave very similar clues.

In order to improve your trading, try to rely on indicators based on absolutely different algorithms. They must complement each other,

not show you the same thing.

#4️⃣ Price action first!

Remember that your trading strategy must be based primarily on a price action. Trend analysis and structure analysis must go first.

You must know the way to make predictions relying on a naked chart.

The indicators must be applied as the confirmation signals only.

They must support the trading strategy but not be its core.

❗️Remember that the indicators won't do all the work for you.

Indicator is just a tool in your toolbox that must be applied properly and in strict combination with other tools.

Would you add some other tips in this list?


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