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Trading Basics | Your Main Trading Time Frame ⏳

Updated: Feb 3, 2022

Hey traders,

You frequently ask me what is the most important time frame to analyze and follow.

And even though I must admit that multiple time frames must be taken into consideration for successful trading like weekly/daily/4h/1h. Among them, there is the one that is universally considered to be principal. That is a daily time frame.

There are a lot of reasons why so many traders rely on a daily time frame:

1️⃣ - Daily time frame shows a global market trend at the same time reflecting a mid-term and short-term perspective letting the trader catch trend following moves and spot early reversal signs.

2️⃣ - Covering multiple perspectives, daily time frame is the foundation of the majority of the trading strategies being the main source of key levels & pattern analysis.

3️⃣ - Daily time filters out news events that happened during the trading day. It shows the composite reaction of the market participants to all the data posted in the economic calendar.

4️⃣ - Daily time frame reflects all trading sessions. Within one single candle, we see the outcome of the Asian, London, and New York Sessions.

5️⃣ - Daily candle filters out all the noise from lower time frames & intraday price fluctuations and sudden spikes & rejections.

6️⃣ - Covering all the trading sessions, daily time frame mirrors the activities of big players like hedge funds and banks. Showing us the flow & direction of big money.

⚠️Being so important for analysis, do not neglect other time frames.

The most accurate trading decision can be made only relying on a combination of intraday and daily time frames.

What is your favorite time frame to trade?


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