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Powerful Fibonacci Trading Strategy For Beginners. Best Entries & Confirmations

Updated: Feb 2

best fibonacci trading strategy

I am going to reveal a powerful fibonacci trading strategy that I learned many years ago. It combines structure analysis, fibonacci retracement and extension levels and candlestick analysis, and it is suitable for beginners.

Step 1

Find a trending market - the market that is trading in a bullish or in a bearish trend on a daily time frame.

market trend analysis forex

AUDUSD is trading in a bullish trend on a daily.

Step 2

Execute structure analysis - identify key horizontal and vertical structures on a daily time frame.

techical analysis support and resistance

Have a look at key structures that I spotted on AUDUSD.

Step 3

Draw fibonacci retracement levels.

Here are the important ratios you should look for: 382, 50, 618, 786.

In a bearish trend,

draw fibonacci retracement levels from the high of the trend to current low based on wicks.

In a bullish trend,

You should apply fibonacci retracement from the low of the trend to a current high based on wicks.

how to apply fibonacci retracement levels

Take a look how I draw the retracement levels,

I took the low of the trend and the high of the trend.

Step 4

Find confluence.

Look for fibonacci numbers that match - lie within key structures that you identified.

best fibonacci retracement levels for trading

Support 1 matches with 382 retracement.

Support 2 matches with 786 retracement.

Remove other ratios from the chart.

how to identify fibonacci confluence

Step 5 

Wait for a test of one of the fibonacci levels that match with key structure

how to trade fibonacci levels

The price perfectly tested 382 retracement level.

Step 6 

Wait for a confirmation on a 4h time frame.

Our confirmation will be a formation of an engulfing candle - a strong candle that completely engulfs the entire range of a previous candle with its body. Learn More About Engulfing Candle

In a bearish trend, we will look for a formation of a bearish engulfing candle. Bearish engulfing candle indicates a strong selling pressure and the strength of the sellers.

In a bullish trend, we will look for a bullish engulfing candle. It indicates a strong buying reaction and imbalance.

simple fibonacci trading strategy

Have a look at a bullish engulfing candle that was formed on AUDUSD on a 4H time frame after a test of 382 retracement.

Step 7

Open a trading position, set stop loss and choose the target.

After you spotted an engulfing candle, open a trading position.

Open short after a formation of a bearish engulfing candle and open long after a formation of a bullish engulfing candle.

If you sell, your safest stop loss will be 1.272 extension of the last bullish impulse on a 4H.

If you buy, your stop loss will be 1.272 extension of the last bearish impulse on a 4H.

how to trade fibonacci retracement levels forex

In our example, our stop loss will be 1.272 extension of a bearish impulse leg on a 4H time frame. The extension is based on high and low of the impulse.

If you short, your take profit will be the closest key structure support on a daily.

If you buy, your take profit will be the closest key structure resistance on a daily.

best fibonacci trading strategy for beginners

how to trade fibonacci numbers

Being applied properly, the strategy should generate 60%+ winning rate.

Always remember to check your reward to risk ratio before you open the trade. It should be at least 1.1/1.

Also, before you place a trade, always make sure that you trade WITH the trend and take only trend-following trades.

The strategy works perfectly on Forex, Gold, Silver, Oil, Indexes.

Good luck in your trading.


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