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Updated: Feb 1

most important forex fundamentals

Hey traders,

Even though I am a pure technician and I rely only on technical analysis when I trade, we can not deny the fact that fundamentals are the main driver of the financial markets.

In this post, we will discuss the most important fundamentals that affect forex market.

📍Unemployment rate.

Unemployment rate reflects the percentage of people without a job in a selected country or region.

Rising unemployment rate usually signifies an unhealthy state of the economy and negatively affects the currency strength.

📍Housing prices.

Housing prices reflect people's demand for housing. Rising rate reflects a healthy state of the economy, strengthening purchasing power of the individuals and their confidence in the future.

Growing demand for housing is considered to be one of the most important drivers in the economy.


Inflation reflects the purchasing power of a currency.

It is usually measured by evaluation of the price of the selected basket of goods or services over some period.

High inflation is usually the primary indicator of the weakness of the currency and the unhealthy state of the economy.

📍Monetary policy.

Monetary policy is the actions of central banks related to money supply in the economy.

There are two main levers: interests rates and bank reserve requirements.

Higher interest rates suppress the economy, making the currency stronger. Lower interests rates increase the money supply, making the economy grow but devaluing the national currency.

📍Political discourse.

Political discourse is the social, economical and geopolitical policies of the national government.

Political ideology determines the set of priorities for the ruling party that directly impacts the state of the economy.

📍Payrolls and earnings.

Payroll reports reflect the dynamic of the creation of new jobs by the economy, while average earnings show the increase or decrease of the earnings of the individuals.

Growing earnings and payrolls positively affect the value of a national currency and signify the expansion of the economy.

You can check coming fundamental news on TradingView in the economic calendar.

fundamental news tradingview

The calendar button on the right side will display the coming news.

most important fundamental news tradingview

Click "only high importance" button and the system will display only the most important news.

Pay closes attention to these fundamentals and monitor how the market reacts to that data.

What fundamentals do you consider to be the most important?


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