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The Journey of a Trader 🛣🚶

Updated: Aug 22, 2023

Hey traders,

Why 95% of traders fail?

In this post, we will discuss the trader's road to success and why most of the traders give up at the halfway point.

On the chart, I was trying to portray the journey of a trader:

most of the traders start this game with gambling.

They randomly buy and sell the market relying on their intuition and with a high degree of probability end up with nice cush.💰

However, as they proceed they realize that the profits that they made were the product of luck, not skill. 🍀

The more they trade, the less they win.

At some moment losing trades start to outperform winners.

Trying different things, jumping from one strategy to another, one comes to the conclusion that nothing seems to work.🙅‍♂️

He goes broke, he is panicking.

At that stage, the majority blame the market for their failure.

Forex, stocks, gold trading is complete scam.

Making profits on the market is not possible.

They give up and leave.👣

Only 5% are persistent. Only 5% are blaming themselves not the market for their failure.

They start following a strict trading plan, they follow risk management recommendations of pro traders and at some moment they start making 0.📝

Buying and selling the market, at the end of the day, they don't lose anymore.

That is the most important milestone in a trader's journey.

Realizing that the one stopped losing, a trader starts polishing and improving his rules in order to achieve better results.

He trains and works with his psyche.💪

After years of struggling, one finally contemplates a consistent account growth.

He became a pro trader.🏆

I wish you to be persistent, traders and don't give up.

Patience pay and at the end of the day winners win.


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