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The Iceberg Illusion of Success in Trading 🏔️

Updated: Sep 15, 2023

When people see a consistently profitable trader they do not consider all the costs a successful trader has paid overtime (below the surface) to get to what they see (above the surface).

So many things happen below the surface that nobody can see.

Here are some of the below the surface things that compose the top of the iceberg that everyone sees:

🔰Dedication – you need to be loyal to your dream of becoming a pro trader. Your belief must be that strong so no one could dissuade you. You need an iron discipline to make it happen.

🔰Hard work – you should work day after day not letting yourself give up. Charts must be in front of you as much as it is possible. Trading terminal must become your best friend.

🔰Good habits – follow your trading plan, do not break your rules of risk management, avoid FOMO, etc. This is the set of habits that will be your satellite in your trading journey. Do them consistently and they will become a natural part of your life.

🔰Disappointment – it does not matter how hard you try. Occasionally things will fall apart anyway: you will face losing streaks and a strategy will refuse to work. It will hurt. "Stand up straight with your shoulders back". Treat disappointments as temporary things.

🔰Sacrifice – to become a consistently profitable trader you should pay the price. Losses, time, nerves. Your prosperous future will have a tremendous cost.

🔰Failure – while you are learning how to trade you will inevitably blow a couple of trading accounts, you will spend time on strategies and techniques that do not work.

Occasionally you will fall. If so, stand up and keep going.

🔰Persistence – keep doing what you are doing no matter what. Do not let others persuade you that you can't make it. Even if things get tough, stay strong.

🔰Focus – always know what is your end goal, know where are you going, and what is your end destination.

🔰Flexibility – be prepared for sudden changes in the environment.

Keep your focus on the goals that you set learning to adjust to the changing circumstances.

🔰Consistency – you will not get the desired results immediately.

Be ready to do the same again and again, hundred times until the goal is achieved.

Overnight success does not exist. If you want to become a consistently profitable trade be prepared for years of struggling and pain. And do not be afraid, it is worth it.


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