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Smart Money Concepts Detailed Learning Plan. Essential Topics to Study in SMC

smart money concepts learning plan smc

If you want to learn Smart Money concepts, but you don't know what to start with, this article with help.

I will share with you 5-steps Smart Money Concepts learning plan. 5 important topics to study in SMC.

Topic 1:

Market Structure - the analysis of a behaviour of a price on a chart.

In the contest of Smart Money Concepts you should learn:

-SMC structure mapping

-Market trend identification

-Trend change

-Trend reversal

-SMC important events: BoS, CHoCH

Topic 2:

Liquidity Zones - learn to identify the areas on a price chart where liquidity concentrates. Learn How to Identify Liquidity Zones

Topic 3:

Imbalance - one of the most accurate signals of the presence of big players / smart money on the market.

Topic 4:

Order Block - the specific areas on a price chart where institutional traders / smart money are placing significant number of trading orders.

Top 5:

Top-Down Analysis - structured and consistent analysis of multiple time frames.

After you study Topic 1, 2, 3, 4, you should learn to apply these knowledge and techniques on multiple time frames, to make informed decisions, following long-term, mid-term, short-term analysis.

The 5 topics that we discussed are essential for your success as a smart money trader.

Study these topics with care, and I guarantee you that you will achieve exceptional results.


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