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PRICE ACTION TRADING | Bearish Flag Pattern 🔰

Updated: Jul 26, 2022

Hey traders,

Bearish flag pattern is a classic trend-following pattern.

Being relatively simple to recognize, it is applied in various trading strategies.

⭐️ The pattern itself signifies the correctional movement after a strong bearish wave in a bearish trend .

After setting a new structure low, the asset starts growing in value and the price action legs start forming a rising parallel channel .

What is particular about this growth is the fact that the price grows within the range of the preceding bearish impulse.

🔔 The trigger that we are looking for to sell the market is a bearish breakout of the support of the flag pattern (we need at least a candle close below).

To not be caught by a false breakout, it is highly recommendable to wait for a bearish violation of the last higher low level as well.

Only then the flag breakout is confirmed.

The breakout signifies the end of a correctional movement.

Then the price will most likely return to a bearish trend .

⚡️Trading the market aggressively, one opens a short position on spot just after the breakout candle closes.

⚡️The conservative trader will wait for a retest of the broken support of the flag for a safer entry.

✔️Safest stop will lie strictly above the highest wick (the last higher high) within the flag.

✔️Initial target will be based on the closest key structure support .

Learn to recognize this pattern and be disciplined to wait for its confirmed breakout. Only then a high trading performance will be achieved.

What pattern do you want to learn in the next post?🤔


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