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Learn The Difference Between Beginner and Expert in Trading

In the today's post, we will discuss the evolution of a mindset of a trader as he matures in trading.


For some unknown reasons, beginners assume that a couple of educational videos and books about trading is more than enough to start trading successfully.

They believe that they got a comprehensive knowledge and that very few things remain to learn.

They start trading, but quickly realize that their knowledge is not enough to make even small gains.


After practicing a couple of years, traders come to the conclusion

that they know everything in that field. That they learned, tested and tried all concepts and techniques that are available.

They consider themselves to be the experts in the field BUT

for some unknown reasons, these traders still are not able to trade profitably.


After many years of learning, training and practicing, eyes finally open.

Traders realize how limited is their knowledge and how much more there is to learn.

While they already have the skills to trade in profits, they understand now that even the entire life is not enough to learn all the subtleties of trading.

And here is a little lifehack for you:

if you are a beginner, embrace a mindset of an expert.

Start from realizing how little you actually know and how much more there is to know, that will help you a lot in your trading journey.


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