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Learn the 4 Best Strategies to Maximize Your Profits Today

In the today's article, we will discuss 4 classic yet profitable forex and gold trading strategies.

1️⃣Pullback Trading

Pullback trading is a trend-following strategy where you open the positions after pullbacks.

If the market is trading in a bullish trend, your goal as a pullback trader is to wait for a completion of a bullish impulse and then let the market correct itself. Your entry should be the assumed completion point of a correctional movement. You expect a trend-following movement from there.

In a bearish trend, you wait for a completion of the bearish impulse, let the market retrace, and you look for short-entry after a completion of the retracement leg.

Here is the example of pullback trading.

On the left chart, we see the market that is trading in a bearish trend.

A pullback trader would short the market upon completion of the correctional moves.

On the right chart, I underlined the buy entry points of a pullback trader.

That strategy is considered to be one of the simplest and profitable and appropriate for newbie traders.

2️⃣Breakout Trading

Breakout trading implies buying or selling the breakout of a horizontal structure or a trend line.

If the price breaks a key support, it signifies a strong bearish pressure.

Such a violation will trigger a bearish continuation with a high probability.

Alternatively, a bullish breakout of a key resistance is a sign of strength of the buyers and indicates a highly probable bullish continuation.

Take a look, how the price broke a key daily resistance on a daily time frame. After a breakout, the market retested the broken structure that turned into a support. A strong bullish rally initiated from that.

With the breakout trading, the best entries are always on a retest of a broken structure.

3️⃣Range Trading

Range trading signifies trading the market that is consolidating.

Most of the time, the market consolidates within the horizontal ranges.

The boundaries of the range may provide safe points to buy and sell the market from.

The upper boundary of the range is usually a strong resistance and one may look for shorting opportunities from there,

while the lower boundary of the range is a safe place to buy the market from.

EURCAD pair is trading within a horizontal range on a daily.

The support of the range is a safe zone to buy the market from.

A bullish movement is anticipated to the resistance of the range from there.

Taking into considerations, that the financial instruments may consolidate for days, weeks and even months, range trading may provide substantial gains.

4️⃣Counter Trend Trading

Counter trend trading signifies trading against the trend.

No matter how strong is the trend, the markets always trade in zig-zags. After impulses follow the corrections, and after the corrections follow the impulses.

Counter trend traders looks for a completion of the bullish impulses in a bullish trend to short the market;

and for a completion of bearish impulses in a downtrend to buy it.

Here is the example of a counter trend trade.

EURJPY is trading in a bullish trend. However, the last 3 bearish moves initiated from a rising trend line. For a trader, shorting the trend line was a perfect entry to catch a bearish move.

Such trading strategy is considered to be one of the most complicated, because one goes against the crowd and overall sentiment.

With the experience, traders may combine these strategies.


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