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When Your Trading Journey Begins...

Hey traders,

In this article, we will discuss your first steps in trading.

Being interested in financial markets and being attracted by an idea to become a full time trader, you decide to learn how to trade.

The first obstacle that you will most likely face with is a tremendous range of topics and strategies to study:

key levels, price action, technical indicators, fundamental analysis...

The problem is that there is no one single way to learn how to trade.

Each educational article, each guru on YouTube dictates their own specific path.

You will most likely feel lost, not being able to grasp what even to start with.

You will chaotically jump from one topic to another, not being able to understand which concepts do actually work.

The situation will even worsen once you decide to try to trade on real money. I do not know any trade who would not blow his first trading deposit.

Not only you will be paralyzed by the complexity of the subject, but you will also lose money simultaneously.

There will be a lot of times when you will think about leaving this game. Many times, you will consider the entire trading industry to be a scam.

That is the moment where most of the traders quit.

I am telling you all that simply because I want to show you that we all have the same path. We go through the same obstacles and we think the same way.

The only difference between a true winner and a loser, however, is that winners never give up. Winners keep working hard and stay patient. And at the end of the day, magic things happen to them.

After years of practicing and suffering, one day you will certainly realize how the things work. One day you will become a full time trade. Just don't give up, always remember, “The nearer the dawn the darker the night.”


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