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What is Forex and How Big It Is?💱

Updated: Jan 31

what is forex market

Forex - foreign exchange market, is a location where international currencies are bought and sold by economic participants at various exchange rates.

Forex market is the biggest market in the world, reaching on average 6 trillion dollars trading volumes daily.

Forex market is a vital element for a global economy because it provides capital exchanges between the countries.

forex market participants

The main market participants of forex market are central banks, commercial banks, commercial companies, hedge funds and investors.

🕰In order to grasp how big is that market, take a look what is happening on that just in 60 seconds:

📎Total transactions value reaches 3.52 billion US dollars.

📎 1.15 billion dollars of spot transactions.

📎 1.65 billion dollar of exchange swaps.

📎 Total transactions value involving USD reaches 3 billion US dollars.

📎 Total transactions value involving EURO reaches 1.1 billion US dollars.

📎 Just one single EUR/USD pair accumulates 812 million US dollars transactions value.

forex market trading volumes

It is hard to imagine how such big amounts are rolling with such a frequency and how insignificant are the orders of individual traders.


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