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Updated: Feb 3, 2022

Hey traders,

I vividly remember how I started to trade 8 years ago, how I was learning, and the things that I was doing.

Contemplating my old self, I notice a dramatic shift in my mindset in regards to trading.

Staring at the charts and desiring to make money on price action, I wanted to become a consistently profitable trader. Making the priorities, I decided to sacrifice my time on studying technical analysis totally neglecting trading psychology and risk management.

Learning different trading strategies I always came to the same result: the account went blown and nothing seemed to work.

Strategies of fancy traders on YouTube, strategies from best-selling books on Amazon, nothing could produce any penny.

Not giving up and pursuing my ultimate goal I came to the conclusion that I set my priorities absolutely incorrectly.

To be honest, I always thought that trading psychology (like psychology in general) is s*cks. Moreover, I considered risk management to be kind of obvious, banal topic not deserving much attention.

Learning risk management techniques, applying them in day trading I finally saw a glimmer of hope.

Reading dozen of books on trading psychology , contemplating my mistakes, and observing my behavior I noticed so many wrong, incorrect things that I did on a daily basis.

With time and practice, my mindset shifted.

I realized that most of the strategies that I applied and that seemed losing to me, in fact, were decent.

It turned out that mastery of technical analysis is not enough for profitable trading. Instead, that is just a tiny part of what must be learned.

Now, when my students ask me about the most important things to learn & study in trading, I always say:

trading psychology and risk management go first, technical analysis is the secondary.

❗ Do not neglect these topics and give them due attention. They are an essential part of your success in trading.

🤔 Do you agree with the pyramid that I drew?


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