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Learn the KEY PRINCIPLES of Technical Analysis

In the today's article, we will discuss the absolute basics of trading - 3 key principles of technical analysis.

1️⃣History Repeats

History tends to repeat itself in the Forex market.

Certain trends are cyclical and may reemerge in a predictable manner, certain key levels are respected again and again over time.

Take a look at the example:

Silver perfectly respected a historical horizontal resistance in 2011 that was respected in 1980 already. Moreover, the price action before and after the tests of the underlined zone were absolutely identical.

2️⃣Priced In

All relevant information about a currency pair: economical and political events, rumors, and facts; is already reflected in a price.

When the FED increased the rate 26th of July by 25 bp, EURUSD bounced instead of falling. Before the rate hike, the market was going down on EXPECTATIONS of a rate hike. The release of the news was already price in.

3️⃣Pattern DO Work

Some specific price models can be applied for predicting the future price movements.

Technicians strongly believe that certain formations - being applied and interpreted properly, can give the edge on the market.

Depending on the trading style, different categories of patterns exist: harmonic patterns, price action patterns, wave patterns, candlestick patterns...

Above, I have listed various price action patterns that are applied by many traders and investors as the main tool for analyzing the financial markets.

If you believe in these 3 principles, you are an inborn technician!

Study technical analysis and learn to apply these principles to make money in trading.

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