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Gambler's Vision VS Pro Trader's Vision 👁

Updated: Jun 10

gambling vs trading

Hey traders,

In this article, we will discuss the perception of trading by individuals.

We will compare the vision of a professional trader and a beginner - trading vs gambling.

Most of the people perceive trading performance incorrectly. There is a common fallacy among them that win rate is the only true indicator of the efficiency of a trading strategy.

Moreover, newbies are searching for a strategy producing close to 100% accuracy.

Such a mindset determines their expectations.

Especially it feels, when I share a wrong forecast in my telegram channel.

It immediately triggers resentment and negative reactions.

Talking to these people personally and asking them about the reasons of their indignation, the common answer is: "If you are a pro, you can not be wrong".

The truth is that the reality is absolutely different. Opening any position or making a forecast, a pro trader always realizes that there is no guarantee that the market will act as predicted.

Pro trader admits that he deals with probabilities, and he is ready to take losses. He realizes that he may have negative trading days, even weeks and months, but at the end of the day his overall performance will be positive.

Remember, that your success in trading is determined by your expectations and perception. Admit the reality of trading, set correct goals, and you will take losses more easily.

I wish you luck and courage on a battlefield.


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