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Trading Exposed: The Hard-Hitting Truth Behind the 99% Who Fail, and How You Can Join the Elite 1%

The picture above completely represents the real nature of trading:

We all came here because we all wanted easy money.

Being attracted by catchy ads, portraying the guys on lambos, wearing guccies and living fancy lives, we jump into the game with high hopes of doubling our tiny initial trading accounts.

However, the reality quickly kicks in and losing trades become the norm.

The first trading account will most likely be blown.

In just one single month, 40% of traders will be discouraged and abandon this game forever.

The rest will realize the fact that the things are not that simple as they seemed to be and decide to start learning.

The primary obstacle with trading education though is the fact that there are so much data out there, so many different materials, so many strategies and techniques to try, so the one feels completely lost.

And on that stage, one plays the roulette: in the pile of dirt, he must find the approach that works.

80% of the traders, who stay after the first month, will leave in the next 2 years. Unfortunately, the majority won't be able to find a valid strategy and will quit believing that the entire system is the scam.

After 5 years, the strongest will remain. The ones that are motivated and strong enough to face the failures.

With such an experience, the majority of the traders already realize how the things work. They usually stuck around breakeven and winning trades start covering the losing ones.

However, some minor, tiny component is still missing in their system. They should find something that prevents them from becoming consistently profitable.

Only 1% of those who came in this game will finally discover the way to make money. These individuals will build a solid strategy, an approach that will work and that will let them become independent.

That path is hard and long. And unfortunately, most of the people are not disciplined and motivated enough to keep going. Only the strongest ones will stay. I wish you to be the one with the iron discipline, titanic patience and nerves of steel.


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