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Best Trading Confirmation. Learn 95% Accurate Entry Signal

Updated: Dec 27, 2023

best price action trading confirmations

I have analyzed 1300 forecasts and signals that I shared on TradingView this year and found 95% accurate trading confirmation.

In this article, we will discuss multiple types of confirmations and their winning rate on Forex, Gold, Indexes, Crypto & Commodities.

First, let me introduce you to the types of analysis that I provided.

1 - Structure based forecast

I have shared more than 55 trading setup with key levels analysis:

Where the price is approaching a key daily horizontal support and resistance.

structure analysis gold

Here is the example of such a post.

Test of a key horizontal or vertical support/resistance turned out to be a poor trading signal.

Total accuracy of structure based forecasts is 38%.

Please, note that if we consider the market trend in our calculations,

the trend-following structure based setup will be 42% accurate, while a performance of a counter trend setup drops to 35%

2 - Structure breakout based forecast

I analyzed and posted 73 posts with a key structure breakout as a confirmation on a daily.

breakout trading forex

Above is the example of a such a forecast.

Key levels breakout turned out to be a strong bullish or bearish confirmation with 59% accuracy.

Trend direction did not affect the efficiency of a key structure breakout that much, with a 60% accuracy of a trend following setup versus 57% of counter trend.

3 - Structure based forecast with a single intraday confirmation

I shared more than 500 setups with a test of a key structure on a daily and a single price action based bullish or bearish confirmation on a 4h/1h time frame.

My intraday confirmation is a formation of a price action pattern with a consequent breakout of its neckline/trend line in the projected direction.

multiple time frame analysis and confirmation

Please, check the example of such a signal.

Just a single intraday confirmation dramatically increases the accuracy of a structure based setup.

Average winning rate is 66%.

4 - Structure based forecast with multiple intraday confirmations

I spotted and posted 200+ forecasts with a test of a key structure on a daily and multiple price action based bullish or bearish confirmations on a 4h/1h time frame.

Multiple confirmations imply the formation of multiple price action patterns on 4/1h t.f.

top down analysis and trading entry

Here is the example of such a setup on EURGBP.

Two or more confirmations on a key structure increase the average winning rate to 72%.

Among multiple confirmations, I found a 95% accurate bearish signal:

  • The market should be in a bearish trend.

  • The price should test a key daily structure resistance.

  • The market should form a rising wedge pattern on a 4h/1h time frames and the highs of the wedge should strictly test the key structure and should not violate them.

  • After a test of structure, the price should form a bearish price action pattern on the highs of the wedge.

best price action confirmation entry

Above is a setup with the best trading confirmation.

A bearish breakout of the neckline of the pattern and a support of the wedge was a 95% accurate trading signal this year.

Of course, there are various confirmations, depending on a trading style. The ones that I shared with you are structure/price action based.

And I am truly impressed by their accuracy.


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