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Best Lot Size for Gold Trading (XAUUSD)

Updated: Mar 27

best lot size for gold trading

If you trade Gold with fix lot, I prepared for you a simple manual how to calculate the best lot size for your XAUUSD trading account.

Step 1

Find at least the last 10 trades that you took on Gold.

what is the best lot size for xauusd

Step 2

Measure stop losses of all these trades in pips

measuring best lot size for gold

Step 3

Find the trade with the biggest stop loss

best lot size for gold trading xauusd

In our example, the biggest stop loss is 680 pips

Step 4

Open position size calculator for XAUUSD

gold position size calculator and lot size

Step 5

Input your account size, 1,5% as the risk ratio.

In "stop loss in pips" field, write down the pip value of your biggest stop loss - 680 pips in our example.

Press, calculate.

best xauusd lot size calculator

For our example, the best lot size for Gold will be 0.22.

The idea is that your maximum loss should not exceed 1,5% of your account balance, while the average loss will be around 1%.


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