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Get a unique forex trading system. Explore the market from a new side.



Automation of sophisticated rules and algorithms for impressive trading results.

Experienced Team

Traders & Programmers

Our team unities the experts in software architecture & development and professional traders and analysts.

More Than 1 Year of Development & Testing

Hard Effort

To develop the optimal solution we have tested dozens of different systems. We tried multiple solutions & started over many times.

Real Money Invested

Trust & Reliability

We invest our own money in our algo-trading solution and we are highly confident in its sustainability and safety.  


Get the system that works and that proved its efficiency.

Best Strategy

Simple & Profitable

Our system is built on statistical and historical data and relies on our trading experience.

Full Automation

Start & Go

After the installation of our robot, the system will automatically analyze the market and manage trading positions.

It does not require any intervention.

Proved Returns

Stable Growth

During the entire year, the system shows consistently profitable results with a limited drawdown.


Myfxbook statistics are open for the public and show our system's  real performance.

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Monthy Return


Annual Return


Win Rate

1. Full Transparency

2. Steady Returns

3. Open Statistics



FAQ AlgoTrading

Do you have real account statistics?

Yes. We do. You can check the strategy performance here:

How does your strategy work?

What I love about this strategy is that it is straightforward. It does not require a solid technical background and mathematical thinking. It is based on a very simple presupposition: bullish or bearish movements do not last forever. Once we launch our robot on a certain financial instrument, after a very quick calculation, the system opens two orders: short and long with equal lot sizes (take profits for both positions have equal pip size). The system does not require any important condition to enter the market, it simply does so based on any market sentiment. Once one of the take profit levels is reached, the program identifies the current direction of the market and follows certain conditions: 🟢In case of a bullish continuation the program: 1) Takes profit from our long trade that we opened 2) Holds a running losing short trade 3) Opens a new pair of trades: long trade with the initial lot size, short trade with the lot size multiplied by X Higher the market goes, the chain of short trades increases, and their lot sizes as well. The program continues to follow such a cycle until the market starts reversing. Take profit level for short trades will be calculated so that the profit from them recovers all previous loss + brings some profit. When the market reaches such a level, the chain of short trades closes and the process starts again. (I attached two pictures below so you could see how the process looks like: In picture 1 the market is bullish and the system has built a chain of short trades; on picture 2 the market is reversing and the chain has closed on a certain level bringing profit) 🔻In case of a bearish continuation, the process is the same and just inverted: 1) We take profit from our short trade that we initially opened 2) We hold a running losing long trade 3) The program opens a new pair of trades: short trade with the initial lot size, long trade with the lot size multiplied by X As the market goes lower, our chain of long trades grows and the cycle continues until the market starts reversing. Take profit level for long trades will be calculated so that the deposit recovers and profit is made. When the take profit level for longs is reached, the chain closes and the cycle starts again.

What is the minimum deposit requirement?

We recommend you to start with at least 2.200$ account.

2020 Full Trading Report

Here is the trading statistics for 2020 with 2200$ trading deposit: 37% Net Return 59% Win Rate 16% Max Drawdown

5-Year Backtesting Report

Testing Deposit - 2200$ Net Profit - 9859$ Max Drawdown - 43.1%

Should I keep my PC running all the time?

To ensure correct operation of our robot, your computer must be turned on constantly and be connected to Internet from the entire trading week. However, instead of keeping your computer running all the time, we recommend you to use VPS (Virtual Private Server) services, that gives you an opportunity to locate trading robot on a remote server.

2021 Online Monitoring

We have launched a separe monitoring for 2021st trading performance. You can check real statistics and results here: