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Get a unique forex trading system. Explore the market from a new side.

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Automation of sophisticated rules and algorithms for impressive trading results.

Experienced Team

Traders & Programmers

Our team unities the experts in software architecture & development and professional traders and analysts.

More Than 1 Year of Development & Testing

Hard Effort

To develop the optimal solution we have tested dozens of different systems. We tried multiple solutions & started over many times.

Real Money Invested

Trust & Reliability

We invest our own money in our algo-trading solution and we are highly confident in its sustainability and safety.  


Get the system that works and that proved its efficiency.

Best Strategy

Simple & Profitable

Our system is built on statistical and historical data and relies on our trading experience.

Full Automation

Start & Go

After the installation of our robot, the system will automatically analyze the market and manage trading positions.

It does not require any intervention.

Proved Returns

Stable Growth

During the entire year, the system shows consistently profitable results with a limited drawdown.


Myfxbook statistics are open for the public and show our system's  real performance.

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Monthy Return


Annual Return


Win Rate

1. Full Transparency

2. Steady Returns

3. Open Statistics


Algo Prices
  • Where do you send signals?
    I send signals in a private telegram group. You will get the invitation link to that after you complete the payment.
  • What do you trade?
    I trade Forex (major and minor pairs), Gold, Silver, Oil
  • When do you send signals?
    I am trading from 6 am London time until 10 am New York time
  • How many signals will I received daily?
    The market does not give guarantees. On average I open 5 trades weekly because I have very specific rules for entering the trades Sometimes I trade more, sometimes I trade less. Everything depends on the market.
  • What is a format of your signals?
    Here is the example of a signal: EURNZD Short From 1.8067 Take Profit: 1.80207 Stop loss: 1.81003 Short/Long From - Point where I entered the trade Take Profit: Point where we close the trade in profit Stop Loss: Point where we close the trade in loss
  • Do you apply pending orders or spot entries?
    You will receive ONLY spot entry signals. I post the signal in a group only after I opened a trade.
  • How many TP do you use?
    I share trades with 1 SINGLE target.
  • How long do you hold your trades?
    Some trades are quick and will be closed within the day. Some trades we hold 1-2 days.
  • What is the minimum deposit requirement?
    I would recommend starting with at least 1.000$ account.
  • Do you have account statistics?
    I keep record of my trades since I started a signal service. You can reach it following this link: Link 2022 Full Trading Report is available here: Link
  • What profit can I expect monthly?
    My average monthly return is 5%. You will get 1400+ pips.
  • What is your maximum drawdown?
    15% account drawdown is maximum. Average is 5%.
  • I want to ask something else!
    If you want to ask something else, please, submit a contact form: Or text me on Telegram or Instagram: @VasilyTrader
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