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TRADE OF THE WEEK | Key Level Breakout Trade

Hey traders,

Here is a great breakout trade that I caught on AUDNZDthis week.

This trade is based on a bearish breakout of a major daily key level and its retest.

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Retesting the broken structure,

I am always looking for an intraday confirmation (reversal pattern on 4h/1h time frames).

On hourly time frame, after some fluctuations, the price formed a tiny double top formation with a lower high.

Breaking its neckline, and respecting a local falling trend line , that was a trigger for me of a coming bearish movement.

I opened a sell limit order on a retest of a broken neckline.

My entry level was 1.05437

My goal was 1.0475

My stop loss was 1.05705

The price dropped nicely as predicted giving me 70 pips of pure profit.

Great example of a confirmation, rule-based trade.

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