• Vasily Trader

MarketBreakdown | WTI Oil, GBPJPY, Silver, USDJPY

1️⃣ WTI Oil- Daily time frame

The market is trading in sideways.

62.2 closest resistance

57.4 closest support

For intraday trading consider boundaries of the range as potential entry points.

For swing trading, wait for a range breakout

2️⃣ GBPJPY- Daily time frame

The price recently broke above 152.0 major daily resistance.

The market set a new higher high.

Retest of a broken structure may give a nice trend following opportunity (but wait for intraday confirmation).

3️⃣ Silver- Daily time frame

Recently the price set a new lower low lower close on a daily.

Bearish bias remains.

Now we see a pullback.

The price is approaching a strong confluence zone 25.35 - 24.75

Look for shorting opportunities within this area.

In case of its bullish breakout, bias will change to bullish .

4️⃣ USDJPY- Weekly time frame

Bulls keep pushing.

For next shorting opportunities consider

117.7 weekly resistance

118.2 weekly resistance

Pair is quite overbought so a pullback from oneof these levels will be highly probable.

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