• Vasily Trader


Hey traders,

Here is a brief technical outlook for 4 financial instruments that are on my radar.

1️⃣ USDCAD - 3 days time frame

The price successfully broke and closed above a major falling trend line .

That was a very important moment for the pair and now I am very bullish-biased.

I want to see a retest of a broken trend line and then a consequent intraday confirmation

to buy the pair.

In a midterm, a bullish continuation is expected to 1.262

2️⃣ SILVER ( XAGUSD ) - Daily time frame

The market is currently ranging.

26.7 - 27.1 is its resistance.

25.4 - 25.7 is its support.

To catch a swing move wait for a breakout of its boundaries,

sell in case of a bearish breakout and buy in case of a bullish one.

For intraday trading consider the boundaries of the range.

3️⃣ EURGBP - Daily time frame

Similar to silver , the market is currently consolidating.

The price is trading in a horizontal decision range.

0.862 is its resistance.

0.853 is its support.

Because the market is trading in a long-term bearish trend , I will wait for a support breakout to sell.

However, again, for intraday trading, you can trade the market within the range.

4️⃣WTI OIL - Daily time frame

As we know, oil & cad are in a very close negative correlation.

The price has recently reached a key monthly structure and

we saw a very strong bearish reaction from that with a confirmed breakout of a major rising trend line .

Very bearish bias and bearish continuation is expected.

Based on an intraday perspective, it looks like the market is preparing for one more test of a trend line .

Closest key supports - 70.9/68.0