• Vasily Trader


Hey traders,

While the market remains slow, here is a quick update for the majors:

1️⃣ EURUSD - Daily time frame

1.223 is a major key resistance that we are monitoring for quite a while.

This week we saw its false breakout both on daily/4h time frames.

Now the price is again trading below.

To spot the next swing move, keep following a rising wedge pattern.

Bearish breakout of its support (daily candle close below) will be a trigger to sell,

while its bullish violation will be a strong bullish clue.

2️⃣ GOLD - Weekly time frame

In comparison to USD majors, gold is unstoppable.

Bullish rally continues neglecting all historical levels.

The next solid structure to look at is a narrow area around 1960.

It looks like it is the next goal for buyers and a pullback will be expected for that.

For now, I would recommend staying away from buying and open long only after a solid pullback

because the market is heavily overbought.

3️⃣ GBPUSD - 3 days time frame

1.4235 os the years high and key structure resistance .

The price is stuck on that level for the last 3 trading days.

With multiple rejections, I still believe that a pullback is highly probable.

4️⃣ BITCOIN - 8H time frame

We can not deny the psychological and technical significance of 30.000$ level.

Being reached, it was a level from where I made my first purchase of btc this year.

With a bullish breakout of an intraday trend line , we got a solid confirmation and proof of a willingness of buyers to buy.

So now it's time to grow. Just be patient.