• Vasily Trader


Hey traders,

here is a brief technical outlook of 4 peculiar instruments in my watch list.

1️⃣ AUDUSD- Daily time frame

I see the signs of a bullish accumulation.

After the price reached 0.729 structure low, the market managed to set two consequent higher lows,

respecting the same highs and forming an ascending triangle .

If such a tendency continues, bullish breakout of the triangle will be a strong bullish signal

and bullish rally will initiate.

2️⃣ GBPJPY- Daily time frame

I still remain bullish biased on GBPJPY.

With a confirmed bullish breakout of a major falling trend line

and a consequent formation of a dodji candle on that,

I believe that the pair will keep growing.

I also noticed a very nice intraday confirmation with a bull flag breakout on 4H

3️⃣ GOLD( XAUUSD) - 12 hours chart 🥇

Goldis trading in a consolidation.

For now, the market is ranging within a horizontal trading range.

Three main points to take into consideration:

Upper boundary of the range - 1832 - 1835

Middle of the range - 1810

Lower boundary of the range - 1789 - 1793

After yesterday's touch of the resistance of the range,

I believe that we will see a breakout attempt of the middle level

and a potential bearish continuation to the support of the range.

But do not expect the market to be fast.

Full video breakdown is here -

4️⃣ EURAUD - Daily time frame

It looks like EURAUD is forming an expanding wedge pattern.

With three confirmed touches of its resistance, the price is probably going to hit its support.

I will look for a trend following opportunity from a lower boundary of the wedge .

Nice swing long can be caught from there.