• Vasily Trader

GBPUSD: End of Uncertainty & Bullish 2021

Like all major USD pairs, GBPUSD is very bullish since spring 2020.

However, in contrast to many other pairs, pound managed to break and close above a major resistance cluster on a weekly.

That structure breakout indicates a highly probable long term bullish continuation.

Based on that I am highly confident that this year the price will aim at 1.43-1.44 resistance.

That is the next major weekly structure.

In December 2020 finally, we have a clear picture of Brexit and its aftermaths. The sense of certainty could be the main driver of a bullish wave.

Remember that on a weekly chart the price is relatively slow. So do not expect a rally in January. It may take the entire year or even more to reach the goal.

What do you think will happen with pound this year?

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