• Vasily Trader

EURUSD: Daily Time Frame Analysis & Key Levels (Structure Analysis)

hey traders,

due to uncertainty with elections, it is quite hard to find a decent trading opportunity.

the instruments are quite volatile and chaotic at the moment so I am waiting until it settles.

On ⚠️eurusd after a bounce from the current structure low, the price is currently attempting to break above a major falling trend line that served as the resistance.

depending on the reaction of the market on that,

here are the key daily levels to consider:

Support 1 - 1.16 - 1.162 current daily structure low

Resistance 1 - 1.185 - 1.187 last daily lower high

Resistance 2 - 1.195 - 1.20

remember that if daily candle closes above the trend line , if it serve us support.

key levels are used as goals for our trades and as points from where we open them!

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