• Vasily Trader

BTCUSD: Important Decision Ahead! Main Things to Watch:

BTCUSD is nicely growing to 38.600 structure level.

In January we saw a sharp bearish reaction from that level.

What can be the reaction this time?

We don't know. Here are the conditions that will help you to follow the market:

1 - Bearish .

The price is currently trading within a rising parallel channel .

Test of underlined structure and consequent bearish breakout of channels support will be a strong bearish clue.

Then bearish move will most likely follow.

First goal can be 36.860

2 - Bullish .

If the price manages to break and close the underlined level, the breakout will be considered to be confirmed.

Bullish continuation will be expected then.

Next goal for buyers will be 40 .000.

Because the trend is bullish , I remain bullish biased and expect more growth.

But who knows!

What do you think will happen?

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