• Vasily Trader

BITCOIN (BTCUSD): Two Scenarios Explained! Be Careful ⚠️

Hey traders,

Bitcoin is approaching an all-time's high.

Important decision is ahead:

Either bulls break that structure and go higher or we see a pullback.

To catch the next bullish wave, let the price violate the underlined yellow supply cluster on a weekly.

Wait for a weekly candle close above.

Then wait for the retest of the broken area and buy there only after you get a solid intraday confirmation.

Alternatively, monitor a rising wedge pattern on 12H time frame.

Bearish breakout of its support may lead to a formation of a retracement leg at least to 58.000 level.

In such kind of decisive moment, it is preferable to passively wait not opening any position.

Stay calm and patient.

What do you expect from bitcoin?