• Vasily Trader

BITCOIN: BEST Investment for Your Savings

My mom got a call another day from her savings/investment advisor.

His conversation has started with intriguing: "Have you ever thought about investing in technologies?".

This nice guide spent at least 15 minutes to explain my mother (63 years old, old school Russian woman having trouble to make a facetime call...) the opportunity that she is missing not investing in btc .

No extra savings? No worries, a loan is worth it. Just in a couple of months, my mother was promised to breakeven.

At the moment of a call, BTC value was around 25.000$.

And he is damn smart, +17% net gain since.

I am telling you that story, simply because I want you to realize:

Now the price is driven not by smart decisions. But rather by the recommendations of these "GURUS".

What I did I sold 70% of my crypto portfolio today.

Am I a fool?

Let me know in a comment below!

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